Agrotourism – Agriculture Is For Everyone

In the present day scenario, often is the case that people find themselves generations apart from what can be called as the self-sustaining and holistic approach to life. With a segregated society such as the one most of us live in, life-sustaining activities such as farming and agriculture are left only to a small section of the population.

Opportunities, as well as challenges, are many when it comes to agriculture and farming. Moreover, the manner in which farming has diversified over the span of thousands of years, it is almost impossible to chart a common course for all farming practices. For instance, in several economies of the world, farming also includes the raising and rearing of animal products such as fish, shrimp and prawn. Although, this kind of farming mostly relates to livestock agriculture and animal husbandry, due to their historical conjunction with crop farming, they are often treated to be within the gamut of farming.

Different initiatives are currently in force by various sections of the population as well as the concerned governments and other civil authorities that focus on bringing a positive change in perception about making farming and agriculture as the centre of the society, as it once used to. Agro tourism is one such positive step in the right direction. It encourages people to travel to different destinations and gain an insight into various agricultural practices there. Such initiative gives much-needed exposure to people from urban and suburban settings to take an active interest in life-sustaining activities such as farming and agriculture.

In countries like Australia and New Zealand, Agrotourism has gained widespread popularity and continues to attract people from different parts of the world.

Furthermore, the active indulgence of people from various social strata would grant the agricultural and farming domain much-needed boost that it requires to become supportive and sustainable for future generations.