California farmers worry about climate regulations

Kathleen Masterson writes about how farmers in California are concerned that climate change will adversely affect the state’s agricultural industry, even more so than other regions, due to its crop diversity, but a more immediate issue is the recent enactment of climate change regulations, which tax greenhouse gas emissions.

California farmers worry about climate regulations

By: Kathleen Masterson

No matter your personal opinion on the subject, talk of climate usually conjures up images of warming, floods and rising sea levels.  Those are some ecological changes predicted from coast to coast.

In the Midwest, the few degrees of warming has actually benefited agriculture, on average. But in California – where they grow more than 200 crops, including perennials such as walnuts and apricots – some crops could be adversely affected.  Plus, California farmers also have new climate change regulations to contend with, which worry many growers more than the weather.

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