NRCS goes mobile

This article, by Alice Lipowicz, discusses how the Natural Resources Conservation Service is utilizing more mobile technology that will allow its personnel to spend more time in the field with landowners to help them implement plans to enhance the natural resources that are in their care.

USDA conservation corps to go mobile and add Web tools

By: Alice Lipowicz

The Agriculture Department’s field conservationists will be more accessible to customers under a new initiative to redesign business processes and equip the workers with mobile technologies and Web tools.

The USDA’s National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has about 11,000 employees, most of whom work in the field as conservationists. The field staff meet with millions of property owners to develop and implement plans for protecting soil, watersheds and air.

Under the new “streamlining” initiative that began in January, the USDA hopes to more than double conservationists’ time with customers, according to a customer service improvement plan recently published by USDA.

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Photo by USDA NRCS


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