Marketing the farm through social media

An Australian farm and retailer is using a unique approach to sell its products. Harris Farm Markets has teamed up with a marketing firm to develop an agriculturally-themed game that users can play through Facebook.

The Crop,” launched today, encourages Facebook users to become involved in the “first fan-grown harvest.” Participants have the opportunity to select what crop is grown and take part in farming decisions as the crop is cultivated. The interesting, and, possibly brilliant, part of this approach is participants are then encouraged to visit their nearest Harris Farm Market store to purchase the fruits and/or vegetables they “helped” to produce.

Of course, Harris Farm Market is claiming that this is simply a way to educate consumers about where their food comes from. But, organizations do not hire marketing firms to fly under the radar. There’s a profit motive behind this, too.

If their goal is to educate AND make a profit, this has the potential to be a brilliant move. Food is a very personal thing for consumers. If they feel like they have a stake in how it’s produced and feel like they’re developing a relationship, and most importantly, trust with the producer, it’s likely that they will be a frequent customer. The question is whether or not this sort of trusting relationship can be built via social channels such as Facebook.

Harris Farm Markets takes facebook folk farming in new social media campaign via workshop

By Campaign Brief

Harris Farm Markets and Sydney-based creative agency Workshop Australia are inviting people to have their say in how fresh vegetables are grown via a new social media campaign that claims to be a world first.

Titled “The Crop”, the campaign launches today on Facebook and creates the first fan-grown harvest. “The Crop” is intended to help people understand the whole farm to store process, so they can choose the freshest fruit and vegetables available to them. People who join the Facebook page can help cultivate a real crop of vegetables and be involved in making choices from what crop is grown to actual farming decisions. The campaign will culminate with fans being able to go to their nominated Harris Farm Market store to collect the vegetables they’ve helped to grow.

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