About Us

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The Back 40 is a community based resource that brings together leading individuals and organizations from the agricultural, environmental, industrial, and academic sectors to exchange ideas and discuss ecological issues of importance to landowners.

The Back 40 combines fresh, original content with existing material provided by respected voices from a variety of agricultural and environmental sectors.

The Back 40 is a program of Sand County Foundation.

Sand County Foundation’s mission is to advance the use of ethical and scientifically sound land management practices and partnerships for the benefit of people and the ecological landscape.

Sand County Foundation’s vision includes a future where there is widespread adoption of a land ethic based on private responsibility, meaningful incentives, and competent science resulting in improved land health and betterment for the people who live and work there.

Sand County Foundation’s work, inspired by a land ethic championed by Aldo Leopold, emphasizes the enhancement of natural resources through voluntary conservation by private landowners.