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How to eat local during the winter months

Ways to indulge your inner locavore during the winter months, if your teeth stop chattering enough to enjoy the food.

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New Chipotle ad sparks backlash from ag community

Like its Super Bowl ad from a couple of years ago, Chipotle has, once again, stirred up controversy with another ad that follows a familiar formula: 1.) Beautiful animation; 2.) backed by a popular song covered by a famous artist; and 3.) railing against “Big Ag”. The response from advertising critics has been very positive. […]

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Culver's Barn in Wisconsin

Companies grasping a farm friendly image

More and more national and global companies are aligning themselves with farmers, through advertising, as an indication of the quality of their products. The most recent campaign, begun by the Wisconsin-based fast food chain, Culver’s, thanks farmers and ranchers nationwide for their efforts. Culver’s also asks its customers to thank ag producers on its Facebook […]

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Sweetie Pie urban ag in Minneapolis

Urban kids learn about ag

There’s a disturbing trend occurring among America’s youth that’s been coined a “nature deficit disorder”. It’s a disorder that primarily affects urban children who often do not have an opportunity to develop an appreciation for nature, including agriculture, believing that milk, bread, and other food products simply come from the grocery store and not the […]

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Grass fed beef cattle

Where corn is king, a new regard for grass-fed beef

In Nebraska corn is, typically, the dominant commodity, but there’s a new movement afoot with grass-fed beef gaining some ground in Nebraska agriculture. In areas like the Sandhills, grass-fed, artisanal beef is trying to make inroads among generations of beef producers who fatten their livestock on grain and get them to the slaughterhouse  at 14 […]

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Entrance to the College of Ag at the University of Arkansas

A call for more American colleges to focus on agriculture

A recent article, by William R. Wootton, linked below, argues that too many American colleges, especially liberal arts institutions, which typically advocate for issues like sustainability, environmentalism, and social justice, often turn to large corporate agribusiness to handle their food service. In fact 50-60% of college food service is handled by large corporations and three […]

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