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Sage-Grouse Success – A Victory for Voluntary Conservation

The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) recently announced their decision to not list the Greater Sage-Grouse as an endangered species. It was a great day not just for the Greater Sage-Grouse, but also the land stewards out west who have been working hard to implement conservation practices to improve habitat for the showy bird. While we celebrate the […]

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Civic Leadership and Partnership Produce a Safer, More Economical Riverway in Wisconsin

After reading about recent deaths associated with dams, Sand County Foundation’s President Brent M. Haglund, Ph.D. shares a success story about how dam removal ultimately results in safer rivers. Aged, unsafe dams across U.S. rivers and streams kill more than vital migrating fish communities and water quality. They kill people by drowning. Scott McFetridge’s recent […]

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Conservation Cuts: Will they cost us more in the long run?

Over the past couple of years, conservation funding in the U.S. has taken some pretty big hits, and some worry that the cuts could continue into FY 2016. Funding cuts have affected important USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service programs like the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP). These programs […]

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Innovations at Full Belly Farm

Andrew Brait, Paul Muller, Judith Redmond and Dru Rivers of Full Belly Farm have led the way in conserving water through their innovative water management methods during California’s historic drought. The farmers, recipients of the 2014 Leopold Conservation Award® in California, show others in the farming community the way to continue their work and conserve […]

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Al Montna

Putting a Price on Rice Fields: a habitat ducks can’t live without

Valuing ecosystem services has been notoriously difficult for portions of the conservation community that believe putting a price tag on nature will enhance our decision-making about natural resource management. When facing a decision between, say, building a new highway with quantifiable economic benefit or protecting a wetland whose value is unknown, the highway is more […]

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Passenger Pigeon’s Extinction Teaches Valuable Lessons Today

2014 marks the Centennial of the passing of the last known Passenger Pigeon.  Once by far one of the most abundant birds in the world, it was driven to extinction by humans after decades of over-hunting, especially in nesting grounds.  As a lesson to all of us about our relationship with wildlife today and the […]

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