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Who Owns the Environment?

Ever stop to really think about who “owns” the environment?  The question of how to reconcile private property with the the protection of the earth, air and water goes back through the ages.  Are market-based or property-rights-based approaches to environmental protection legitimate?  In this column on, Tracy Mehan concludes that while not always the […]

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Western wildfire

How suburban sprawl makes wildfires more deadly

On the heels of the worst wildfire disaster in 80 years when 19 Arizona firefighters lost their lives, folks are left to wonder why the wildfire season keeps getting worse year after year. Is it climate change? Possibly. But, another contributing factor, as the article below points out, might be the “exurbs” where people are […]

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Bluebonnets at 77 Ranch in Blooming Grove, Texas

Bluebonnet season in Texas creates concern amidst the beauty

As the bluebonnets bloom in Texas, the wildflower’s popularity creates some concerns for Texas residents. The state flower of Texas, this time of year causes a fanaticism among Texans and tourists who absolutely must have a photo of themselves basking in all of the bluebonnet goodness. It’s not all wine and bluebonnets, however. Given the […]

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CA grape farmer

Food sovereignty: Think globally, eat locally

Beverly Bell and Tory Field recently wrote an interesting piece for the Huffington Post about the global food market and the impact it has on producers and consumers at the local level. They write that food is a great unifier for the world’s citizens, but control of food production and distribution is increasingly being taken […]

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Saving threatened Utah prairie dogs — on private property

As an example of the problems the Endangered Species Act can cause for America’s farmers and ranchers, this article discusses the Utah prairie dog, listed as a “threatened” species under the Endangered Species Act, and its impacts on ranchers in southwestern Utah. Utah prairie dogs, and their destructive nature, have traditionally been a thorn in […]

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USDA report identifies agricultural trends

A recent report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture entitled, Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators, 2012 examines “trends in economic, structural, resource, and environmental indicators” in the agricultural sector that have developed since the previous report was published in 2006. We are encouraged to see improvements in water efficiency, conservation tillage, nitrate recovery, as well […]

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