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Water testing in Milwaukee River watershed

Nitrogen pollution lingers for decades

A 30-year study finds that nitrogen applied to crops has the potential to linger in soil for nearly a century after fertilizer is applied, creating serious water quality issues.

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Dino Giacomazzi

Saving the world one cowpie at a time

Dino Giacomazzi, a 4th generation central California dairy farmer greets visitors to his website with the tagline “saving the world one cowpie at a time.” A major portion of his award winning cowpie artistry includes the practice of conservation strip tillage. Conservation strip tillage involves tilling strips, rather than plowing an entire field, leaving residue […]

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Sweetie Pie urban ag in Minneapolis

Urban kids learn about ag

There’s a disturbing trend occurring among America’s youth that’s been coined a “nature deficit disorder”. It’s a disorder that primarily affects urban children who often do not have an opportunity to develop an appreciation for nature, including agriculture, believing that milk, bread, and other food products simply come from the grocery store and not the […]

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Henslow's sparrow

Angry birders: Farm bill in flux imperils feathered friends

As the battle over the farm bill rages on, federal conservation programs in the United States remain in limbo. For instance, the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), which financially helps farmers and ranchers implement practices to improve soil, water, and wildlife that are in their care, faces a severe cut. Congress is proposing a $3.5 to […]

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Grass fed beef cattle

Where corn is king, a new regard for grass-fed beef

In Nebraska corn is, typically, the dominant commodity, but there’s a new movement afoot with grass-fed beef gaining some ground in Nebraska agriculture. In areas like the Sandhills, grass-fed, artisanal beef is trying to make inroads among generations of beef producers who fatten their livestock on grain and get them to the slaughterhouse  at 14 […]

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Al Montna

Private-public partnership benefits rice crop and waterbirds

A private-public partnership is working to improve rice productivity, as well as enhance waterbird habitat in California. Montna Farms, owned by Al and Gail Montna enrolled in the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS) Waterbird Habitat Enhancement Program (WHEP), which pays incentives to landowners who implement pro-wildlife habitat practices on their land. The rice belt, where Montna Farms […]

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