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How do we balance needs of energy, water, and climate?

A recent MIT study urges that it’s crucial to address climate change and fresh water shortage while considering investment in energy infrastructure.

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Young farmer holding grapes

Beginning farmers and ranchers face barriers within agriculture industry

Recent proposed legislation hopes to alleviate the barriers to entry faced by America’s young farmers and ranchers.

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Agritourism trend continues to rise

Agritourism is quickly becoming a way for farmers and ranchers across the nation to diversify their income.

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Livestock in the snow

Fund established to help South Dakota cattle producers during furlough

The Rancher Relief Fund has been set up to assist South Dakota cattle producers who lost livestock during last weekend’s blizzard.

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Culver's Barn in Wisconsin

Companies grasping a farm friendly image

More and more national and global companies are aligning themselves with farmers, through advertising, as an indication of the quality of their products. The most recent campaign, begun by the Wisconsin-based fast food chain, Culver’s, thanks farmers and ranchers nationwide for their efforts. Culver’s also asks its customers to thank ag producers on its Facebook […]

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Michigan farm

What motivates beginning farmers?

At first glance, it may appear that a career in farming promises a great deal of hard work accompanied by a lot of risk with little reward. Yet, fortunately, people are still choosing to embark on careers in agriculture, for a variety of reasons, and are successful at it. A recent study by Michigan State […]

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