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Giacomini family

Giacomini family receives California conservation award

Sand County Foundation, Sustainable Conservation, and the California Farm Bureau Federation named the Giacomini family as the recipient of the 2013 Leopold Conservation Award in California.

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Agritourism trend continues to rise

Agritourism is quickly becoming a way for farmers and ranchers across the nation to diversify their income.

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New Chipotle ad sparks backlash from ag community

Like its Super Bowl ad from a couple of years ago, Chipotle has, once again, stirred up controversy with another ad that follows a familiar formula: 1.) Beautiful animation; 2.) backed by a popular song covered by a famous artist; and 3.) railing against “Big Ag”. The response from advertising critics has been very positive. […]

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Dino Giacomazzi

Saving the world one cowpie at a time

Dino Giacomazzi, a 4th generation central California dairy farmer greets visitors to his website with the tagline “saving the world one cowpie at a time.” A major portion of his award winning cowpie artistry includes the practice of conservation strip tillage. Conservation strip tillage involves tilling strips, rather than plowing an entire field, leaving residue […]

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Sweetie Pie urban ag in Minneapolis

Urban kids learn about ag

There’s a disturbing trend occurring among America’s youth that’s been coined a “nature deficit disorder”. It’s a disorder that primarily affects urban children who often do not have an opportunity to develop an appreciation for nature, including agriculture, believing that milk, bread, and other food products simply come from the grocery store and not the […]

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Western wildfire

How suburban sprawl makes wildfires more deadly

On the heels of the worst wildfire disaster in 80 years when 19 Arizona firefighters lost their lives, folks are left to wonder why the wildfire season keeps getting worse year after year. Is it climate change? Possibly. But, another contributing factor, as the article below points out, might be the “exurbs” where people are […]

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