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Farm Bill may increase partnerships for better soil health and water quality

    President Obama’s signature today completed the process of enacting a new Farm Bill, some 500 days after the old one was to have expired.  Changes in the Farm Bill’s Conservation Title have potential to increase the effectiveness of USDA agencies in building partnerships for better soil health and water quality. By consolidating several […]

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Livestock in the snow

Fund established to help South Dakota cattle producers during furlough

The Rancher Relief Fund has been set up to assist South Dakota cattle producers who lost livestock during last weekend’s blizzard.

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Henslow's sparrow

Angry birders: Farm bill in flux imperils feathered friends

As the battle over the farm bill rages on, federal conservation programs in the United States remain in limbo. For instance, the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), which financially helps farmers and ranchers implement practices to improve soil, water, and wildlife that are in their care, faces a severe cut. Congress is proposing a $3.5 to […]

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Message to Congress: Stop messing with conservation budgets

Last year, the enactment of a new Farm Bill was delayed much to the chagrin of many farmers, ranchers and agricultural and environmental organizations. This summer, however, the House and the Senate will be re-writing the Farm Bill, a monumental task with a 10-year price tag that will total nearly a trillion dollars. The Farm […]

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Success of conservation compliance

The Farm Bill we had hoped Congress would act on last year is still pending. One of the conservation issues under discussion has been conservation compliance – the requirement that farmers receiving farm program payments maintain a conservation plan to limit damage to highly erodible land and wetlands. Some have argued that, with direct farm […]

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Natural disasters spur crop insurance and farm conservation discussion

Unfortunately, it often takes a natural disaster or series of disasters, to make policymakers take notice. Such is the case with the agricultural industry, which has been struggling with severe drought amidst other hardships. On February 14, the Senate Agriculture Committee held a hearing called, “Drought, Fire, and Freeze: The Economics of Disaster for America’s […]

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