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Livestock in the snow

Fund established to help South Dakota cattle producers during furlough

The Rancher Relief Fund has been set up to assist South Dakota cattle producers who lost livestock during last weekend’s blizzard.

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Custer Ride at Padlock Ranch in Wyoming

Environmental Stewardship Award finalists announced

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) selected seven beef producers across the nation as finalists for the 2014 Environmental Stewardship Award. The award, now in its 23rd year was created by the NCBA “to recognize beef producers who make environmental stewardship a priority on their farms and ranches while they also improve production and profitability.” […]

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Grass fed beef cattle

Where corn is king, a new regard for grass-fed beef

In Nebraska corn is, typically, the dominant commodity, but there’s a new movement afoot with grass-fed beef gaining some ground in Nebraska agriculture. In areas like the Sandhills, grass-fed, artisanal beef is trying to make inroads among generations of beef producers who fatten their livestock on grain and get them to the slaughterhouse  at 14 […]

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Cleaner ways emerge to turn cow dung into electricity

For many years, several California farmers have been trying to find ways to turn cow manure into energy for use on their farms. However, they’ve met roadblocks, such as regulatory standards, specifically, air quality specifications, and, given that methane digesters can run approximately $1 million to install, low rates of return on investment. However, the […]

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Farm pond in Virginia

NRCS launches website to measure quality of field runoff

As technology continues to play an increasing role in agricultural operations, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) launched the Water Quality Index for Agricultural Runoff (WQIag), which helps producers calculate how much impact their agricultural and conservation practices are having on water quality. Producers input information about a given field, such as slope and soil characteristics. They […]

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The American meat industry is ripe for a restart

The United States has been experiencing an anti-meat movement as of late. Critics have deemed meat to be a contributor to obesity, illness, and negative environmental impacts. However, as the article below points out, rarely do we hear about the meat producers across the nation who care deeply about their animals, products, and the effects […]

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