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Big win for small farms

Last month, many small farms were concerned that the regulations involved in the impending Food Safety Modernization Act might put them out of business. But, the FDA has responded to their concerns.

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Grand Coulee Dam Spillway

Why is there so little innovation in water infrastructure?

Water infrastructure in the United States is terribly outdated, so what can be done about it?

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Henslow's sparrow

Angry birders: Farm bill in flux imperils feathered friends

As the battle over the farm bill rages on, federal conservation programs in the United States remain in limbo. For instance, the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), which financially helps farmers and ranchers implement practices to improve soil, water, and wildlife that are in their care, faces a severe cut. Congress is proposing a $3.5 to […]

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Coal-fired power plant

Climate change on the federal radar

President Obama recently revealed new regulations intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Steven Hayward, a Sand County Foundation Board member, previewed the president’s speech on CNBC’s The Kudlow Report. Hayward writes frequently on a wide range of current topics, including environmentalism, law, economics, and public policy for publications including National Review, Reason, Weekly Standard, American […]

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Cleaner ways emerge to turn cow dung into electricity

For many years, several California farmers have been trying to find ways to turn cow manure into energy for use on their farms. However, they’ve met roadblocks, such as regulatory standards, specifically, air quality specifications, and, given that methane digesters can run approximately $1 million to install, low rates of return on investment. However, the […]

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Message to Congress: Stop messing with conservation budgets

Last year, the enactment of a new Farm Bill was delayed much to the chagrin of many farmers, ranchers and agricultural and environmental organizations. This summer, however, the House and the Senate will be re-writing the Farm Bill, a monumental task with a 10-year price tag that will total nearly a trillion dollars. The Farm […]

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