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Minnesota’s moose mystery

Moose are dying at an alarming rate in Minnesota and researchers are trying to figure out why. The issue has caused the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to launch the world’s largest GPS-based moose tracking study. The current situation is dire for the iconic moose. The population has decreased by a third since 2009 in […]

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Farmers improving environmental performance

A recent report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) finds that farmers, not surprisingly, have improved their environmental performance worldwide during the past decade. The report concludes that there are “some encouraging signs that agriculture is capable of meeting future environmental challenges.” This conclusion is especially encouraging in the United States where most of […]

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Cleaner ways emerge to turn cow dung into electricity

For many years, several California farmers have been trying to find ways to turn cow manure into energy for use on their farms. However, they’ve met roadblocks, such as regulatory standards, specifically, air quality specifications, and, given that methane digesters can run approximately $1 million to install, low rates of return on investment. However, the […]

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Artist depiction of farming on Mars

Farming on Mars

NASA is aiming to achieve the first manned Mars landing in the mid-2030s and its actively researching the possibilities of farming on the Red Planet. In order for humans to inhabit Mars, researchers will, obviously, have to determine if and how food can be produced. Therefore, farmers could very well become the first human inhabitants of the […]

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Farm pond in Virginia

NRCS launches website to measure quality of field runoff

As technology continues to play an increasing role in agricultural operations, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) launched the Water Quality Index for Agricultural Runoff (WQIag), which helps producers calculate how much impact their agricultural and conservation practices are having on water quality. Producers input information about a given field, such as slope and soil characteristics. They […]

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Delta airplane in flight.

Flying high with aviation biofuels

A private-public partnership is working to bring biofuels to the airline industry. Called “Farm to Fly,” the 2-year-old initiative is based on a partnership between the USDA and Boeing. If all goes well, the partners believe that the development of aviation biofuel in the United States has a huge upside that could increase domestic energy security, establish […]

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