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Artist depiction of farming on Mars

Farming on Mars

NASA is aiming to achieve the first manned Mars landing in the mid-2030s and its actively researching the possibilities of farming on the Red Planet. In order for humans to inhabit Mars, researchers will, obviously, have to determine if and how food can be produced. Therefore, farmers could very well become the first human inhabitants of the […]

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Bluebonnets at 77 Ranch in Blooming Grove, Texas

Bluebonnet season in Texas creates concern amidst the beauty

As the bluebonnets bloom in Texas, the wildflower’s popularity creates some concerns for Texas residents. The state flower of Texas, this time of year causes a fanaticism among Texans and tourists who absolutely must have a photo of themselves basking in all of the bluebonnet goodness. It’s not all wine and bluebonnets, however. Given the […]

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What you need to know about genetically engineered food

As the debate rages on over the use of genetically engineered (GE) crops, Greg Jaffe, a writer for “The Atlantic,” addresses some common myths about this phenomenon. His bottom line is that genetically modified foods have the potential to reduce hunger and improve the environment but several factors need to be taken into consideration before […]

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In the eastern U.S. spring flowers keep pace with warming climate

Researchers from Boston University, Harvard, and the University of Wisconsin, including Dr. Stan Temple, emeritus professor of wildlife ecology, senior fellow at the Aldo Leopold Foundation, and a Director of Sand County Foundation, used the meticulous phenological records of Henry David Thoreau and Aldo Leopold to determine that the warming climate is causing some plant […]

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French scientists dismiss conclusions of genetically-modified corn research

A French study that concluded that Monsanto’s genetically modified corn and Roundup herbicide were harmful to lab rats has been dismissed by six French science academies, which, according to the article below, is a rare occurrence. The study found that the genetically-modified corn and the use of “safe” levels of herbicide were causing high tumor […]

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Tour demonstrates importance of conservation on farm and ranch lands

A tour of the Leopold Conservation Award recipient family’s ranch, near Raymond, on September 20 demonstrated how critical ranching families are to the health of South Dakota’s natural resources. The tour of Jim and Karen Kopriva’s ranch occurred on a day that was deemed “Leopold Conservation Award Day” in a proclamation by South Dakota Governor […]

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