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California wetland

Wetlands are disappearing at an alarming rate

Water scarcity has been at the forefront of environmental concerns for a number of years. Now, we’re seeing a gradual disappearance of marshes and wetlands.

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Mississippi River

USDA: Conservation work reduces sediment, nutrient runoff

A recent report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirms that farmers’  and ranchers’ conservation efforts to improve water quality and quantity are working. The report is a culmination of a watershed-wide assessment of the impacts of soil and water conservation work, including methods to manage nutrients and reduce soil erosion on agricultural lands […]

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Henslow's sparrow

Angry birders: Farm bill in flux imperils feathered friends

As the battle over the farm bill rages on, federal conservation programs in the United States remain in limbo. For instance, the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), which financially helps farmers and ranchers implement practices to improve soil, water, and wildlife that are in their care, faces a severe cut. Congress is proposing a $3.5 to […]

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Corn field amid severe drought

Drought damages could exceed those of Hurricane Sandy

The recent drought that has crippled much of the United States may prove to be the costliest natural disaster our nation has experienced in the past two years. Unfortunately, there’s no end in site for a great deal of the Corn Belt. The southwestern drought is forecast to expand to the central and southern Great Plains and […]

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Blue water main cover

Will cities ever get smart about water use?

A recent study in the journal, Water Policy, compares the water supply histories of four major cities: San Diego, Phoenix, San Antonio, and Adelaide, Australia. The major conclusion of the report was that urban water conservation, recycling, and desalination can’t nearly come close to the level of water conservation that can be provided by upstream farmers. […]

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Farm pond in Virginia

NRCS launches website to measure quality of field runoff

As technology continues to play an increasing role in agricultural operations, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) launched the Water Quality Index for Agricultural Runoff (WQIag), which helps producers calculate how much impact their agricultural and conservation practices are having on water quality. Producers input information about a given field, such as slope and soil characteristics. They […]

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